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In the present day scenario where scientific approach is necessary to educate the children, at the same time it is also important to develop and save moral values. Our younger generation has fallen prey to many anti-social; anti-human and anti-nature activities, which normally become the reasons for their being violent. It is duty of the parents and the teachers not only to cite examples of good moral acts of others but they themselves should become the living examples. They should also help the children to channelize their activating force to act or behave in a particular fashion. Motivation is an energetic tendency working within the individual which inspire him/her to act for the satisfaction of some specific purpose. The activating forces working in motivation are essential & need for self-actualization is the master need that guides and controls the motivation behavior of the individual. The fulfillment of self- actualization is a must because a child feels discontent and restless unless he doesn’t strive for what he is fit for. A teacher can motivate the children for attaining some specific goal by creating a kind of environment or urge to act by giving a variety of situations so that they can be energized to attain their specific goals.
                                                           The parents of the child, of course, cannot escape from their responsibilities in this endeavour. We, at Howard Lane Senior School, will strive hard to involve all stake holders to provide the best educational ambient to produce characters in the society. This can only be achieved by the cooperation of all the stake holders i.e. teachers, parents and the student. 

Dr. Iqbal singh
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